Language (Korean) education

University-affiliated Korean language institute

Language (Korean) education

Program Introduction

If you need to study Korean before entering a degree program in Korea, you can learn Korean through systematic study of all aspects of speaking, listening, reading, and writing at the Korean language school affiliated with the university. In particular, it is the most commonly used method for entering university in Korea.

- Program time and period: 20 hours a week, 10 weeks
- Program type: introductory, beginner, intermediate, advanced, advanced
- Tuition fee: approximately 1.2-1.8 million won
- How to apply: Go through the language institute application page on each university’s website.
- Currently, there are a total of 199 university-affiliated Korean language institutes.

※ The above information is average, and there may be slight differences between universities.
※ Foreigners entering the country to take classes at a university-affiliated specialized language school must obtain the necessary visa (generally D4 or D4-1) from the Korean embassy or consulate.
※ For visa issuance, you will need a letter of admission from the language school, a letter of identity, or proof of finances. Since different standards may apply depending on nationality at the Korean embassy in your country, you must consult thoroughly in advance and then register at the language school.
※ In case you move to another language school midway, it is best to check the refund policy before paying tuition.

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Study in Seoul

The bright lights and buzzing streets of South Korea's capital city make it a mustsee destination and the perfect place to learn a new language. Art, music and fashion have skyrocketed this city into a trend-setting hotspot of innovation. Learn Korean in this thrilling city at our newest campus.

※ Korean language trainee - Student visas can only be issued at university-affiliated Korean language institutes.

※ Private Korean language schools cannot help to get a Student visa(D-2/D-4). Please contact us.

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Our brand new Seoul campus puts you in the heart of Gangnam, the city's trendiest district.

Eduful International Language Campus Seoul
About our school

Brand-new campus equipped with the latest learning technology

Located in the K Tower, Seoul's trendiest neigbhorhood

Surrounded by shops, restaurants and cafes

Easy access to public transportation to explore the city

One minute walk from Subway Station

What's included


Course : 20, 26 or 32 Korean lessons of 40 minutes per week

Language test : Placement and progress tests

Certificate : Course Certificate

Campus Connect : Access to Campus Connect from enrollment

Free Wi-Fi : Free Wi-Fi access at our campus

Activities : Welcome party, town tour, many in-school activities, graduation party

Studying Korean

Weekly Schedule

Daily Schedule
07:00 ~ 08:00
Wake up and breakfast / bread, fruit, porridge, juice, etc. (Korean food)
08:00 ~ 17:00
Daily schedule
18:00 ~
Dinner, rest, exercise
Sing a pop song/Daily Vocabulary Review/Journal Writing & Speech Snack time/Retest, Self Study
Regular testing every Friday